Ursula Ascencio

Healthcare Herbs – Lavender, Sage And Anise

With a history dating back to more than 2,500 years ago, lavender has been used by ancient civilizations such as the Phoenicians, Arabians, and Egyptians for perfumes and mummification. The Greeks, Romans, and Persians on the other hand, added it to their bathwater to wash and help purify their skin. Sage was first described in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus. It has been grown for centuries in the Old World for its food and healing properties. Was often described in old herbals for the many miraculous properties attributed to it. [...]

Best Kept Anti-Aging Secrets

A new research from McMaster University (Ontario) discovered that exercise could keep skin younger, and it may also reverse skin aging in people who are keeping active. Based on Maureen Hagan (physical therapist and fitness expert) – “Fitness is a youth serum”. Not only exercising regularly will keep you younger but you will have more energy and you will be able to do more of the things you love. “Fitness affects how youthful you look, the way you move, and your ability to do whatever you want, whenever.” [...]

How To Lose Weight Wisely

Most people don’t think that carrying extra pounds or kg is a health risk, however, the harsh reality is that carrying excess weight or suffering with obesity can cut up to 20 years off your life. If your target is to improve your lifestyle and well-being on a long-term, then you will have to reduce body fat, increase your metabolic rate and improve your nutritional level. [...]

All about Acai Berry – Health Benefits

Acai Berry, pronounced ah-sigh-ee berry, has been used by the tribes in the Amazon Rain Forest to help relieve few ailments. It is a small purple fruit of the acai palm Euterpe Oleracea, and it’s about 1 inch in diameter. It was considered to have medicinal properties, helping to build the immune system, protect your body from various infection, protect your heart and many other benefits. [...]