Frankincense & Rose Face Cream – The Best Skin Care

Frankincense & Rose Face Cream The Best Skin Care Solution

Feel and look great like never before! Frankincense & Rose Face Cream can help you against wrinkles or furrows, by tones and tightens your skin. Also, improves skin elasticity.

Aren’t you tired using all types of cream and still having problems with dry skin? Tired of always covering with makeup the annoying wrinkles? This product will solve all your skin problems. Try now frankincense & rose face cream for dry and mature skin.

Is frankincense & rose face cream easy to use?

Apply it on your face and the results can be seen within minutes. It has moisturizing and nourishing effects making you look nice and refreshed after every use.

Is frankincense & rose face cream of a high quality?

Frankincense is being used for thousands of years in rejuvenating face masks, perfumes, and cosmetics. In combination with the rose has a great smell which might get you addicted to frankincense & rose face cream.
Containing rejuvenating Frankincense & Rose Oils (contains organic oils of Olive, Rosehip, Safflower and Apricot Kernel), with balancing and cleansing Geranium Oil open pores and moisturizes the skin like no other cream before it. The results can last up to 3 days since first apply.

Is frankincense & rose face cream geared towards somebody like me?

If you’re a morning person with a busy schedule, mostly on the run, frankincense & rose face cream is the perfect product to use especially after a tiring day.

Have others had a good experience with frankincense & rose face cream?

Many customers prefer this cream not only by having a reasonable price but mostly because it has fast results and can make them look and feel great all day long.

“I used to have very dry and sensitive skin, when it was really bad, I had flaky skin around my mouth and it was horrible, my interest was towards a natural, handmade cream because it sounded like it would be kind to your skin, in the past I had tried not so good handmade creams, and often the case was my skin felt too greasy after I had used it. Frankincense & Rose Face Cream was the best face cream
that I ever used, because, not only did it not give me a burning sensation but also my skin got smoother and stayed moist. Considering the price and value for money, this cream was far better than most commercially available and expensive face creams.I think my skin became healthier because now I don’t get skin problems so often! Another good thing about this cream is it will sink into your skin easily. It won’t be too greasy so you can’t put on your make-up. Thank you very much for your wonderful cream!” – Debbie Stone, London, UK.

“I think Frankincense & Rose Face Cream is a wonderful cream for nighttime. I use it before bed and let it do its magic overnight. It’s great for mature skin, I’m 58. The scent of frankincense and rose are so calming and relaxing and it is not at all greasy” – Bernadette Bates, Coventry, UK.

“One day one of my TA`s arrived in the lesson wearing this face cream. It filled the whole room with a beautiful uplifting fragrance and I commented on it straight away. Later she showed me the pot. I wrote down the product and that evening I was online ordering some for myself – in addition to everything else in the range! Ooops! I love using the Frankincense/Rose blend and it makes me happy every time I use the products” – Suzanne Wiltshire, Manchester, England.

The Ups and Downs of Frankincense & Rose Face Cream

– Helps smooth fine line and wrinkles;
– Improves skin elasticity;
– Rejuvenating, Moisturizing, and nourishing qualities;
– Great smell;
– Good price.


– Contains Beeswax (not suitable for Vegans);
– Keep frankincense & rose face cream in a safe spot (not suitable for children and minors).

This is one of the most popular creams for dry & mature skin and can help you save money. Don’t waste your time and money on other products. Buy now frankincense & rose face cream in order to obtain the best and fastest results when it comes to skin care.

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