How To Lose Weight Wisely

How To Lose Weight Wisely

Lose Weight the healthy way!

Most people don’t think that carrying extra pounds or kg is a health risk, however, the harsh reality is that carrying excess weight or suffering with obesity can cut up to 20 years off your life. If your target is to improve your lifestyle and well-being on a long-term, then you will have to reduce body fat, increase your metabolic rate and improve your nutritional level.

Slimming down is advisable to avoid potentially serious illnesses, such as diabetes, digestive disorders, and heart conditions. Just keep in mind that losing weight will bring you a range of important health benefits!

The key to slim down successfully is by making realistic changes to your diet and level of physical activity on daily basis.

You can be on a road to a healthier weight, a healthier you without having in mind only New Year’s resolutions or Christmas Get in Shape Challenge or any other season weight challenge. Thinking of it means you are taken the first step! Now it is time to design your Weight Management Programme and ensure it is effective and sustainable.

AVOID: to follow fad diets, go without eating, or try to lose weight too fast. It’s never wise as you end up putting on more weight than slimming down successfully! 

Diet or healthy lifestyle?

Let’s replace the word Diet and focus on a holistic approach towards weight loss that involves all aspects of your life, a well-balanced diet, and a regular exercise program, to a strong immune system and good hydration.

If you committed to a lifestyle change, you are shedding pounds in no time and they are more likely to stay off for the long-term. On the other hand, a low-calorie intake leads to nutrient deficiencies, cravings and bingeing and it can damage your health, eventually leading to weight gain.

Weight loss requires some effort, but losing weight really isn’t that complicated. Once you know what your weight loss goals are, it is quite easy to integrate them into your everyday life.
Here are some steps that will sustain a healthy weight loss management:

Reduce your intake of sugar, simple carbohydrates and unhealthy fats

One of the first things you need to change in your nutrition intake is to reduce your “empty” calories from bad fats and simple carbohydrates, that are of the found in refined and processed foods and sugar. By doing this small change it will improve your chances to slim in no time!

Remember, it is ok to consume sugar and salty foods (e.g. chocolate, cakes, cookies) or high-sugar drinks but only as occasional treats. If you eat them on a daily basis, obviously will impact your weight loss efforts but also you will add a toxic load on your health (affecting your blood sugar levels, body fat levels or heart health).

Remember! Keep good fats in your diet! They are playing a crucial role in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight loss. Incorporate essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils) which can be found in a variety of natural fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, (flaxseed, oily fish, hemp, and kelp). The fats to avoid are saturated fats, which are found in ready meals, meat, dairy products.

Failing to recognize the importance of consuming good fats and eliminate bad fats (saturated fats) is the most common mistake amongst slimmers and can actually slow down your weight loss efforts.

Increase your intake of whole foods

Don’t make the mistake to starve yourself in order to lose weight. Actually, starvation diets tend to promote weight retention (body’s natural instinct is to hang on to fat when in starvation mode as a defense mechanism).

Make sure you add plenty of natural whole foods, vegetables, and fruits – but in moderation as sugar found in fruits can hamper weight loss if eaten in large quantities.

By upping your intake of nutrients that are essential for weight loss (such as antioxidants, Omega 3, 6, 9 oils, dietary fiber, digestive enzymes, lean plant protein, vitamins, and minerals), you will eat a well-balanced diet of natural whole foods. This broad spectrum of healthy nutrients will support a faster metabolism, a healthy digestive system and you are less likely to experience the cravings because of stable blood sugar levels.

Increase your dietary fiber intake

Increasing your dietary fiber intake from whole grains is beneficial for slimmers, as it helps to support the efficient digestion of foods, also is a natural cleanse and detox and it helps with the elimination of waste and toxins from the body. Fibre will make you feel your tummy full for longer and promotes a stable blood sugar levels – to stave off cravings!

Eat healthy snacks

In the early stages, a great selection of healthy snack is an essential component of successful weight loss. When you feel like snacking in-between meals try a nutrients-fortified meal replacement, a tasty plant protein powder, dried fruits, fresh fruit and/or raw vegetables.

Don’t forget to get moving!

Exercise is a key part in slimming down! Changing your eating habits for the better is essential for weight loss, however, to achieve a long-term successful healthy weight loss you will have to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. You will benefit from a stronger inner health, including digestive efficiency and immune system strength, metabolism speed, increase in vitality and energy levels, to heart function.

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